Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Forward

Since I was last here....
  • Blogger will now allow me to post all my naked photos again.
  • I have not had internet or office phone since Wednesday afternoon.
  • I have gotten 1 yr older.
  • We have gotten another 10 inches of that shitty white stuff.
  • This weekend temps are going to be positively spring-like. (yea I may be exaggerating but it's my world and at this point the high 50's is spring like to me)
Rick kidnaped me for my birthday and gave me the day off on Wednesday.  
The storm had not begun at this point. We had phone lines and internet when we left for the day. I put an out of office message on the voice mail and went out to play  for the day. Unfortunately, we still have to be available for Gary if there are issues in the field but he too knew it was my birthday and was nice about that.

When we got back home we realized it was awfully quiet. I went to the office and picked up the phone and there was no dial tone.  Rick tried things on his phone and we had no wi-fi. We called Verizon and they said they would send someone out on Thursday after trying a few things with them on the phone.

They called me yesterday morning at 7am to tell me someone would be here between 4-4:30p.
I knew they wouldn't be coming due to the storm because we were told by the weathermen that as the day progressed the storm would pick up.  Indeed, it did. 
At 3p, they called to tell me that they would not be coming.  No surprise. The man from Verizon began to justify his reason. I stopped him and said, "no problem I didn't think anyone could get here today.  I understand."  He said I've been yelled at all day I was just expecting it." I laughed and said, "I deal with that all day too so I wouldn't do that to you,"  He told me they would put me first thing in the morning. I was doubtful but just said okay and thanks.

Because everyone else in town was home due to the storm I was kept busy.
This is the payback for the day before that I had off.

I had to call our office phone voicemail from my cell phone to retrieve messages. 
As for all our emails, I had to use my cell's "mobile hotspot" which would allow me to connect to my tablet. So my phone has to be near my tablet to make this work. It was a bit of a crazy day, to say the least.  But lucky for Rick he had 2 days off.

Verizon showed up this morning as promised and they had to give us a whole new box that was outside. I don't know what that means, but he pointed to the box attached to our garage and told me things I did not understand. He was so nice and thanked me for shoveling the area for him. I told him I'd feed him too just for giving me back the internet, phones and making my life easier. He laughed.  Honestly the guys who work for Verizon are always so great, Verizon themselves not always so much. 

Speaking of great guys. Yesterday I was attempting to do most of the shoveling because Rick hurt his hip.  So I went out about 4 times to keep up with things.  Since I've had 4 back surgeries I should not be doing this when it's really heavy. My thought was doing it a little at a time is better than after the storm is over and having a helluva lot of heavy wet snow to do.

I shoveled the front of my house where I park my car.  I shoveled my neighbors on either side as well. The kids on the corner were busy moving boxes to their new house. (Horrible weather to move in that is for sure!) 

You see the plow never gets remotely close to the curb. EVER.  They go down the middle of the street only. Quite a weird phenom here.  Rick and I are tired of driving over mounds of snow.  So I shoveled to the curb. Just as I was finishing up a plow went slowly by me with a dog inside. I waved at the man and he stopped and rolled down his window.  His dog was a boxer and came over top him to see me. It was so funny.  He told me he had long days so he brings his dog. I liked the dog, but this guy was a big flirt. Apparently with my sunglasses on and my parka and hood up he couldn't see my turkey neck or my old lady face so he was a big ole flirt. I asked the young man if when he plows he can get to the curb instead of 6 ft from the curb for me. He said the ice there was difficult for his blade to manage.  I said as I pointed to what he was referring to, "oh c'mon I'm just a weak girl and I did it. It would so help if you could continue it"  He said he would "give it a go" when he makes another pass through this area. 
I thanked him.  I pet the dog again and off he went. 

An hour later, Rick and I were trying to get our stressed out dog to poop in the snow  when the man with the dog in the plow went by. Honest to God he cleared the street in front of just the 3 townhouses I had shoveled all the way to the curb. He drove by me and winked and yelled out the window - "That should do it for ya"  I thanked him and off he went. Rick said, "How the hell did you get him to do that?"  I told him I really didn't know. He was flirting so I went along with it, who knew?  Rick told me to flash him my boobs so he would do our alley-way and driveway. 
That made me laugh, of course.

The last shovel of the day was at an elderly neighbor to help her do her driveway. The people next door to her and I shoveled it for her.  She had done some out in front of her house and I saw her struggling. When you are in your 70's someone should shovel for you, you know?  We were all out there shoveling and bitching about the fact that this is spring damn it. 
During this time, poor Rick was still trying to get Izzy to poop in the snow, in the street, anywhere, just poop!  Poor thing gets so stressed when the snow is up to her belly. She has to go, she comes to get you to take her out and she tries, circles and then nope, too much snow is hitting her butt.  Where she normally will go was up to her chest in snow and she runs right out of that. If it weren't so stressful on her it's damn funny to watch.  This morning she finally went and oh my goodness is all I can tell you. She's been sleeping ever since. I think the whole thing exhausted her, which is funny to me. (yes, we've tried shoveling areas for her - doesn't work)

This morning the man across the street began digging out what the plow had done to him. He asked me how the hell did I get my area cleared? I didn't have the heart to tell him I was not above flashing for a plow. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Snow Go Away, Don't Ever Come Back Another Day!

Interesting Week for me.

Everything closed for our 1 inch of snow on Thursday.
Can you see me shaking my head over this?
No garbage pick up either. I moved snow with a broom, C'MON!

I told Rick we have two choices, move back up north where this would be considered stupid or move very far south where this isn't an issue.  Either way, we must get the hell out of here, the people are annoying as hell. On so many levels and it's really starting to annoy us big time.
Entitlement galore and big ole wussies about everything!!

But in fun news, pot is now legal in the District, just over the border.
So perhaps I could go downtown, grab a gluten free cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake after hitting the pot shop and calm the hell down?  Sounds like a plan huh?  I'm a wino, who the hell am I kidding?

My poor hubby didn't get his lemon pound cake the next day. As I left my office I heard my cell phone. It was a friend calling for support, she was crying, I mean the ugly cry. You women know what I'm talking about. She could barely talk.  I wasn't completely sure what was wrong she wasn't really talking as much as crying. So I grabbed a bottle of wine and went to her house. That is my medicine for everything - let's open a bottle.
Thankfully Rick certainly understood.

She lives in my development so I was there fairly quickly.
She has 2 autistic sons. Her husband is a pilot and never home.
She was at her wits end. She was having a very, very bad day with the boys and I think the final straw was when her husband text her. She was trying to wrangle them and he text how he was lying on the beach in Guam. Not too smart of him. Normally that wouldn't send her over the edge but I think when you get this way something that small can set you off.

When I got there it was a bit overwhelming.
One is very tall and a broad boy of 15. He is non-verbal. Boy he is strong.
My guess he is 5'9" or taller and his mom is teeny tiny 95lb 5'1" woman.

The other is 13 and while he does communicate it's not easy.
The older one jumps and hits himself and makes loud sounds.
Honest to God I don't know how she doesn't break down more.
I arrived in a baseball cap and the biggest one kept taking it off.
He thought that was funny.  I didn't care. 
I told my friend, relax, it's just a hat, let's not yell at him. 
He gave it back by putting it on my head and then bending over to really look in my eyes.
I was fascinated. He just kept staring at me. I asked him what he saw. He said Dad.
We all laughed. That brought my friend some much-needed laughter. When I say he is nonverbal there are a few keywords he will say. Dad is one of them, but it's more like Daa.
I can only make out that one the rest are just sounds to me.

Because the school has been closed so much she is with them 24/7 with no assistance of any kind.
She can't leave them alone so doing anything is a major event. Like grocery shopping or washing dishes, most anything. They do not sit quietly. They are moving constantly and yelling etc.
The damage at times blows my mind.
I think that day she had just hit the wall. She is not from here so there is no family.
She is alone in this since her husband is gone so often for weeks at a time.

I think it is so difficult to have children under the best of circumstances.
I can't even begin to fully understand her life.
I just know that it makes me sad to see her like this because I feel helpless.
When I try to take her away she never can do anything. It is always a big deal.
A few weeks ago her husband was home and we went to IKEA.
It was a long day of shopping and lunch and laughs.
It was so nice for her, to just get out around adults.
She goes days without adult conversation and that alone would be bonkers for most.
Me? I'd like it for a few days honestly. But when I say that I mean holed up with a bottle of wine and books. Not wrangling 2 autistic sons.
We never know what is going on in someone else's life do we?
Her home is magazine gorgeous (she's a designer) and even with the damage that occurs she always makes it look great. She is strong beyond belief to me.


Today is Izzy's birthday. She is a whopping 6 years old today.
She also has started a new trend that I like very very much.
In the last month, she has taken to sleeping in between 5:30 -  6:15.
The day it was 6:15 Rick and I were both up. We both had to pee so badly. Neither wanted to get out of bed because we knew she would wake up once she heard us up and moving in the bedroom.
So we were giggling quietly about how badly we had to go to the bathroom. Finally I couldn't take it, I thought I was going to burst so I got up. Of course so did Izzy. But it was 6:15.  That is so much better than 5am.  I like this new trend even though it means she's older, it is nice for the old people who live with her.

This Izzy was up every day between 4 - 5.  She was adorable but I think I like the ole gals schedule much better.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Deadline approaching

I saw a note from blogger explaining their new adult content policy

It stated that on March 23rd we will no longer be able to publicly share images or videos of sexually explicit nature or show graphic nudity. Unless of course it is a "substantial public benefit" such as artistic, educational or scientific contexts.

So I will have to apologize to you all now. No more nude photos of me on this site.
I know, I know, you're all so very disappointment. 

Better hurry,  you only have a few more weeks to enjoy your sexually explicit material on blogger.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Smell of Lemon Pound Cake In Your Car.

Rick bought himself a Yankee Candle air freshener for his work truck.
They look like this....only not blurry. 

The  scent he bought was Lemon Pound Cake.
This thing can hang from your mirror or anywhere you wish to hang it.
He told me his is just sitting on his dashboard. I didn't ask why because whatever this man would tell me would make no sense to me so why ask is my theory. 
He has his way of doing things and that is what makes my Ricky, well, my Ricky. 

Yesterday he took off his good glasses and put them on top of the air freshener on his dashboard.  He then slipped on his work glasses (the ones that can get paint on them)before he entered the customers home.

After the job was completed he got in his truck, switched glasses, and headed home.
During this long drive home all he could smell was lemon pound cake.
His glasses had the scent all over them. I imagine them sitting in the sun on the windshield with this air freshener sure made them smell good. Almost like baking the cake.
The smell of lemon was all over his nose and it was driving him nuts!

When he got home the first thing he said to me was, "Could you please make a lemon pound cake?"
I didn't have enough lemons or enough eggs. I had had an awful day and just wasn't up for going to the store and baking. I made him something with what I had. But it wasn't lemon.

So can you  guess what I'm doing tonight for Mr. Lemon Pound Cake?

Yes, he is spoiled rotten.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Turn Up The Heat Please.

We had 8-10 inches of snow and very cold temps Saturday and then Sunday it got warm, well warm in comparison to almost 50. Then another frigid front comes through.  YIPEE.

I made popcorn and we watched the beginning of the Oscars last night.
It was so damn boring we couldn't take it. I knew it was on our prime time DVR so I thought I'd catch it later. I could fast forward through what I didn't want to deal with and stop when I wanted.
At 2 am I was once again unable to sleep so I went through the show using my FF button.
It was still very boring. I was disappointed in Neil Patrick Harris.  It didn't work.
But I do love the fashion and the shallow shit.

We watched a couple of movies the last two weeks. We don't go to the theater much anymore.
The last time was when we had to listen to a drill on if we hear a loud noise to duck, find your nearest exit, save yourself first and all that fun gun stuff. So we normally will just stay home and watch them on TV now. No guns in our home so we've got that going for us.
Besides my homemade popcorn is far better than the stuff you get at the theater.

We watched The Judge with Robert Duval and Robt Downey Jr.   Excellent movie.
Then Sunday we watched St. Vincent with Bill Murray.
Why Bill Murray didn't get a nomination is beyond me. He was so good!
Little things, nuances. Just damn good. Rick and I both truly loved that movie.
Nothing blew up in either of them other than tempers. Nobody got shot, raped or tortured.
No terrorists, gov't or comic book characters. Just a story about people. You'd think it was the 40's or something.

I don't think I'd want to go back to the "olden days" for a lot of things, but movies would be one where I would. I hate today's movies most of the time. I prefer black and white oldies.
In today's world, Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock would be considered a chick flick because there is dialog, it's about people, relationships of all kinds and nothing blows up.
No CGI and dinosaurs. I love old movies and the two we just watched had those elements of just good stories.

Speaking of olden days. Today there was a 2 hr delay in the start of school. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why. Roads are clear, it's not snowing, it's just a day in winter. I asked my neighbor with kids why there was a delay. She said, "well the kids shouldn't have to stand at the school bus when it's that cold."  

At 9:45a when Izzy and I went for our mid-morning walk we walked by the school bus stop.
Izzy loves to see all the kids and once they yell, "Izzy!"  well, that gets her tail waggin' and we must go over to them for her to get lovin' from all the kids.

There were 2 boys with shorts on and hoodies. No coats, no hats, no gloves just a t-shirt, hoody, and sneakers. Not even boots. To be honest with you, not one kid had a hat, gloves, scarves etc. The girls had on coats and some boats. But I think if they can dress like that at the bus stop why the hell can't they get on the heated bus and get their asses into their heated school on time?  He was wearing shorts and there is a delay because of the poor spoiled brats not being able to stand at the bus stop in the 30-degree weather?  This will be the wanker in his corporate job who is always late because he always could be. Just wait and see.

Did you see any good movies this weekend where nothing blew up?

Thursday, February 19, 2015


To those reading regularly you may find this update mildly interesting.

It's colder than a witches tit here. Tonight below 0 without any damn windchill.
Rick and Gary have huge jobs today. Both started at 7 and won't be done until 5-6p.
I know when Rick has a day like this my poor old man comes home dragging.
He will be tired, grumpy from traffic, and hungry. 
Our dog, on the other hand, has a different agenda.  She only wants to play, go outside and throw a ball or play fetch as is the normal routine after work.

I also know my spoiled diva dog will pay me no mind if our Big Man is here. 
If I even get her outside she will turn around and sit and stare at our front door until he comes out - or she will scratch to go back him to be near him. She only wants him and if she knows he's in the house she's on him like glue.And I'm invisible.  Since she won't walk with me at night unless he is with us I brought her to doggy daycare today because she will be so damn tired when she gets home. She will eat and jump to her corner of the sofa and be out like a light. No ball or stick fetchin' tonight. That is my way of helping Rick. And having a nice warm hearty dinner for him and then watch him get to his corner of the sofa and be out like a light. 
Sounds like a fun evening for me doesn't it?  Actually it does, watch girl things on TV, read, or talk to a friend on the phone. All things girl tonight. Look out HGTV!

Speaking of all things girls. Yesterday I told you my friend emailed me and told me she was having an affair and how did I like my new fridge?  
Well....last evening she posted some photos on her FB page. 
She rarely uses FB so seeing some new photo's were interesting. 
I looked at them and went OH MY GOD.
 So what I am about to say is only my intuition and/or my assumptions.
The photos were of she and a gal pal. Both beautiful women in their early 40's. 
I knew instantly that this was her affair. 

I brought the tablet to Rick and said, "Look at these new photo's of X." 
He looked at them and said, "you don't look at your pal like that, oh my God do you think?" Yep, I do.
So I guess she is now a lipstick lesbian. Which is fine with me.
I don't care about which team she plays for, I love her and want her to be happy. 
But you could have knocked me over with a feather. 
For some reason, I wasn't expecting that. How could I really. 
I've known her since she was 22 and she's been with her hubby (boyfriend at the time) since then. I look forward to her talking to me. Rick asked if I was going to say anything. I'm not sure that I should bring this up. I will wait for her to tell me in her time. I can see it in the pictures and I know.
Rick seems to think the pictures were her way of telling me. I don't know about that.
I don't think most would see what I saw. I don't know. Sticky wick, no?
So I am waiting for her. She knows me well enough to know I would never give a rats ass about who she loved. 

Rick and I are rethinking our view of moving to Florida as old people do in our family. But apparently after this frigid winter we believe this is now a  possibility have become weather wusses. Or I'm turning into my father. He keeps the thermostat at 80+ and when you go to his house you think you are in a furnace. My husband has been known to arrive at his house wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt in the dead of winter. And he still becomes a sweaty mess after some time there. I used to keep the thermostat at 66 - 68 in winter. Now I'm still freezing at 70. Our dog will be miserable in the heat of Florida, but mom and dad will be happy in winter. It's no longer improbable

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day.

Around dinner time it began to snow. We got about 6 inches.
Rick and Izzy went to their favorite little area to throw a stick and fetch.
After swimming, fetching her ball or a stick is pretty much her nirvana.
After she is done she will just sit and look around. 
She and Rick both seem to be enamored with the bald eagles squawking. 
But it was just beginning to snow and she was in cold heaven. 
I think if we lived in a very warm climate my crazy dog would be miserable.

It was a light fluffy snow and it's over now. No need to close everything, but that is what they do here. Didn't even need a shovel, more like a broom.

Izzy and I saw a fox in this area last week.  It stopped me in my tracks. 
It was small but seriously I didn't want to get too close.  
Izzy was standing a few feet in front of me when the fox came out of the woods and stared at us. She ran back to me and leaned against me so much so that if I had moved she would have fallen over.  But she never took her eyes off this fox. I then put her on a leash and we high-tailed it out of there. I wasn't in the mood to deal with a fox.

This was yesterday as it just began to snow. I love how she crosses her paws over her stick when she is done playing. That's our cue.

Last evening  just before I left my office for the day I got an email from a friend of mine who lives out west. I had written her a few weeks earlier to see how she was doing since she broke her ankle. She began by telling me she was doing great and can now wear a pair of safe heels. Then she tells me she just told her husband that she's been having an affair. 
In one line, she says to me that she is a wreck and "how do you like your new refrigerator?"
WTH?  She lays that line of having an affair on me then asks me how I like my friggin' new refrigerator?  Holy shit.

I am never sure how to respond to that. I don't see her often enough nor am I as close to her as I am some of my other friends to say, "how long? who? why? what the hell are you gonna do? You and your hubby started a company together! are you going to stay together or is it over?"

I print this email and bring it downstairs at the end of my day. 
I say to Rick that I just got an email from XYZ and can I read this to him? 
He, of course, says sure. I read it and he cocks his head like the RCA dog and says, "What the hell? HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR FRIDGE?" that's what she asks after dropping that bomb?  

I laughed and tell him that was what I was thinking.
We met this couple while living in Seattle. Rick and her hubby worked together.
I loved his wife and we've been friends every since. When I went to Chicago this past June, this was the girlfriend I met there. I came home and told Rick that she said things that made me think she was fooling around. I even asked. She poo-poo'd me with a joke but wouldn't look directly at me. I guess I knew then but didn't want to believe it.  In fact, if I am being really truthful I've felt this way for several years. It still makes me sad though.

Makes me want to hug my hubby.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Got Heat?

I'm glad I don't live in Boston.
I'm sure it's lovely there in the summer, but right now with 7-8 feet of snow and 50-60 mph winds and more snow coming, well I'm glad I'm not there.

The winds yesterday were the same here and I am so damn thankful Rick was home.
I did not walk Izzy once. Sadly my dog is happy in this weather but her humans are not.

Today is a bit better because the winds have died down. The temps sure aren't a helluva lot warmer, but it helps not to have that wind. But now snow is on its way. It's February we don't have February's like this here in the mid-Atlantic, someone didn't get that memo.

We are supposed to be getting 6-8 inches tonight. (yea that's what he said....okay bad joke)
But right now only cold and no snow.
I am hoping that this will miss us. I work from home so it doesn't affect me like it does others as far as a commute. I just walk in it,  shovel it and while I hate that, I at least don't have to commute.

We had a ton of jobs tomorrow but beginning at lunch time people began calling to reschedule and saying, "you know we're getting snow tomorrow. I have to reschedule."
Ah yeah, but we're coming to you, what is the issue?
That's just what I wanted to say, not what I really said.
God people are weird. So I rescheduled them all but one.
I called the "one" that was remaining and she said, "why would I want to cancel, you're coming to me, I'll be home."  THANK YOU MS. COMMON SENSE.

Seriously I can see people calling to ask if they feel they should reschedule or to ask our policy when the weather is bad. No matter how long I live here I will never ever be used to how freaked out people get when it precipitates of any kind around her.

Our man from Michigan who works for us will have no issue driving tomorrow to her home by her appointment time. The owner is from NW PA so he too knows snow and his estimates are later in the day now due to the rescheduling of others so the men will have a light day.  No weather wussies except for me. Just looks like it will be a light day tomorrow.
Now if only Izzy would do her business in a toilet.

I'm just going to dream about this day .

Friday, February 13, 2015

Love this.

How many people do you know who would go to these lengths to get to work and not whine? 
I just love this story on so many levels.


On a less serious note  - this is my Friday Funny.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stubborn old man

Speaking of my Dad.

Back in 1974 I graduated from high school.

My parents were having a little party for me, which means all my loud crazy relatives.
Unfortunately for me they mentioned that I might want to ask my boyfriends parents.

Now, if this had been said to just me, my 17 year old self would have said, no that's okay.

But no, my mom had to say this in front of my boyfriend. Oh God there was no getting out of this now. I prayed that his parents would not come or have other plans or become terrible ill - anything but don't come to this party. They were so waspy they would never understand. 
Think my Big Fat Greek Wedding - only change Greek to Italian and well it's all the same just with different food.

You see the little suburb I grew up in was for the most part transplants of folks who moved there for their jobs at General Electric , Lords or Hammermill Paper. All were white collar or physcians . In fact one of my very good friends father was CEO of Hammermill Paper. All of my friends fathers worked at these places wearing suit and ties to work.  My father was a plumber. 

Growing up I always felt the difference. One of my friends fathers was an orthopedic surgeon and her home was out of a magazine to me. Their mom's played tennis and they had people who cleaned their homes. Vastly different from how I grew up.
And when you are a kid that difference seems like such a big deal.
I explain this to you so you understand where I was coming from as a teenager here in 1974.

My mom was busy perparing and setting out all the food made for this party. 

She was scurrying around making everything nice for the party as moms do for you.
Dad was  setting up all the tables and chairs as well as all the games like the bocce balls etc.  
My father had a big metal tub of ice and pop and a table of liquor and mixes. 
He also got a keg and when he tapped it he began to drink. 
Mind you, this was long before the party was set to begin. 
He was wearing his old work clothes and a t-shirt. Which makes sense since he was outside and setting things up in and out of the house.
And as one would be inclined to do on a hot  summer day, he was getting thirsty as he was setting everything up so he drank more.

I saw my father just before the time people would be arriving and I saw he was feeling no pain and still in his grubby clothes. 
I was mortified.
Oh sure he was like this before with the family but my boyfriends parents were coming! 
He just couldn't be buzzed AND dressed like that.

I asked him to please change his clothes before Mr and Mrs Ellis arrived. 
He said, "What? This isn't good enough for you?" all the while laughing.  
Oh I was now in full panic mode. I know if he thinks you are telling him to do something he'll do the opposite.  I should have known better. I begged and the more I begged the more he'd laugh.

So what did I do? I ran to find my mom and she went to speak with him and I heard him say something but I couldn't make it out.  Next thing I know he is walking out of his bedroom with a tie on.   Oh yea, a tie over his white dirty t-shirt and his dirty work pants. 
He refused to change probably just because I asked. He thought he was being so funny.
He had a few shots and beers later and I wanted to cry...or better yet melt into the floor
I prayed my boyfriends parents couldn't come. I prayed for a phone call telling me that they had a conflict of interest and wouldn't be able to make it. I prayed for a small fender bender so they would be delayed at the emergency room, hell give 'em pink eye, something that wouldn't hurt them but would make it impossible to find their way to our home. Please give them anything but don't let them come to my house and meet my parents like this.

My father met my soon to be future in-laws dressed as he was. 

They were white collar and a bit uppity (well the mister was, not Mrs.)    I embarrassed beyond belief. As a child who felt like she was the only one who's father got dirty at work, he was embarrassing me and I felt he was making a very bad first impression.

Now that I am an adult that whole thing is all so very silly to me and shallow.

I'm proud of my father and his success and business. But at 17 I wanted to hide right then.
As a kid I was always the odd one out. Or I should say I felt that way. 
My family was so ethnic, my family fit in with the people in the city because everyone was like them, but here, we stood out.  As a kid you never want to stand out from the rest of your peers.
Sucks that you don't learn that lesson that being the same is so not cool until you're much older isn't it?

Now this is a family joke about telling my stubborn father to change.

My new mom at the time just didn't know how to ;work my father' yet. I was too young.
She tells the story that she has learned over the years, but at that time she had only been married to him for less than 3 years. She had a learning curve shall we say. She has it mastered now.

This is his mighty fine look that June day in 1974. Dapper isn't he?

Oh my goodness was I mad at him as well as embarrassed.
And my husband asks where I get my smart ass tendencies. 
Apple didn't fall far from the tree, however, I'd never do this to my kid.
(or dress that way anytime)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Dad

Today is my fathers 87th birthday.
He is working today.  When I called this morning he had already left for his job as a greeter at WalMart.  Trust me when I tell you that at 87 I will not be working if I can avoid it. While I know I got my work ethic from this man, there comes a time to stop. He can't wrap his head around that concept and I long for that. I guess we'll see right?

Here is the ole man in various shapes and sizes over the years. Most often in the early days he smelled like a cigar. I remember when my youngest sister Jennifer was born and she was wailing in her crib awake from her nap. My mom asked me to go pick her up. I did and as I held her I smelled her head and she smelled like a cigar. I went into the kitchen and said to my new mom that Jennifer smells like Daddy's stogie.  My mom grabbed Jennifer and smelled her and laughed and said to the baby, "I guess it's time for your bath little one".

I loved it when my sister smelled like my Grandma C. She wore Royal Secret and after she held my baby sisters and I held them later, they always smelled just like she did. That was much better than Dad's ole stogies, as he referred them. But to this day if I smell a cigar, I think of him. Old Spice and cigars. That is what my Dad smelled like when I was growing up.

I have no idea how young he was here below but it was before I was born. So my guess is this was before they were married or within the first 5 yrs before I was born. So he was 23 when he got married so this was between 23 - 28. Funny, because they look so old here.

He has to be 29 here.

I have no idea his age here, but this was Dad with my sister Pam after mowing the lawn. I remember taking this picture. He never ever wore shorts. I can remember 2 times in my life so this had to be on film. He was very self conscious of his skinny legs.

 My Dad at my Uncle's home - always with the cigar.He smoked cigars until my mom got cancer and she had to quit her cigarettes.
 Easter at my Aunt Philomena's, Dad's sister. He looks miserable here  and I don't have many memories or photos of him not smiling. However the man he is sitting next too is one of his least favorite people in the world. Check out that table. 
 Oh, he was so proud of his first truck below and his new business and his name on his truck. This too was in my Uncle Angelo's driveway. I have no idea what year but it had to be early 60's. I would guess he is early 30's here....and with a cigar in his hand.
Easter with Uncle Angelo and his mom
 This was my birthday and mine is right after Dad's and I believe he is 43 here since I was turning 15. This is the beginning of Dad's chubby stage as you will see.  
 I know I've put this on the blog before but it just makes me happy. The dead plant hanging in the background. The crucifix in the background. Like all good Italian American homes. And with Uncle Angelo, Dad's brother and best buddy. I adore Uncle Ange as much as my own father. 
 See the theme here? Dad, his sister Philomena, Uncle Ange and Ange's wife. Dad is tan here so it's summer at my Aunt's pool. I believe this to be the 70's.
 This is my new Grandma C. kissing my father. He feel asleep after our Christmas meal at Grandma's house. The hat was one of his gifts from Grandma.C. He loved  and rocked that hat for years.

This is Dad on his 80th with my sister Jennifer. Big difference in him. 
Amazing what 7 years will do to you.

 This was Dad and my Step Mom at his Granddaughters graduation from college with her masters. 
That was 2+years ago in Pittsburgh. That was a fun day for all.
 This was Sept. 2013.  Ah,older, thinner, but always smiling. But now no longer with a cigar in his hand.

Happy Birthday Daddy! 
(yea I still call him that, deal with it)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Super Powers

As only Rick and I can do, we were having deep conversations over a bottle of wine.
What super power would you like to have?   Invisible? Fly? See through things?
I know what you're thinking, such riveting conversation.  

Of course he first said, "well to see through clothes." 
I reminded the pervert that he would also have to see that old greasy guy at the car service shop too.
He made a face and immediately changed his mind. He went for invisible. 

Hours later we were again having another one of our  high-brow conversations about how we are now invisible to the opposite sex because we are older. 
Rick bemoaned that women don't hit on him all the time anymore. (poor baby!) 
I said, " You just said earlier you wanted to be invisible. Maybe you should be careful what you ask for. Poof! You are now invisible."

Lucky man married a smart ass.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Even though I loathe shopping I bought myself a new t-shirt.
Sounds about right for me doesn't it?