Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things Annoying Me Today

  • Mark Walhberg. He wants a pardon for his past crimes. let's see, if he weren't a celebrity would he get this? No!  In 1988, a 16-year-old Wahlberg attacked Thanh Lam, breaking a stick over his head and calling him a "Vietnam fucking shit." Running away from the scene of that crime, he then punched another Vietnamese man Hoa Trinh in the face so severely he blinded him in one eye.  According to the police report, he then made a number of "unsolicited racial statements about 'gooks' and 'slant-eyed gooks.'" Wahlberg was tried as an adult and sentenced to two years in prison. He was released after 45 days. (you know because he's white)  So the answer is no you smug arrogant bastard who did bad things. 
  • To those who keep writing shit about gluten free being a stupid fad. Stop it. You are ruining it for those of us suffering from Celiac Disease. This is not a choice.
  • Republicans.
  • To the local idiots who closed school today because there is a chance of a TRACE of snow. A trace sure is dangerous.
  • To the customer who tried to get a refund and when Home Advisor sided with us she went to the BBB. The BBB man laughed when we discussed. Hopefully they will shoot her down too. 
  • Work.
  • That spring training doesn't have me excited this year
  • My husbands new noises. I am now referring to them as old man noises. What the hell is up with that? He has a new noise for everything. Sitting, moving, and this morning drinking his coffee. OH MY GOD it is quite annoying. He insists he isn't making them. (and then laughs)  I will need to record him. 
  • That it is still winter.

Monday, January 19, 2015


We finished the staircase railings and balusters this weekend
We have molding and other assorted things to finish it out but for the most part the swearing has ceased.

Rick isn't a big swear guy, I am the queen in that department.
But my oh my do the words come out when he is struggling.
Because nothing is what it seems in this house he has really had his work cut out for him.

Yesterday while working on the 1st floor he was cussing up a storm. I was doing my Sunday thing where I make meals for the week. I also was laughing inside. I know he's frustrated but it's funny to listen to him talk and cuss to himself.  I asked if there was anything I could do to help him and I got the lifted eye brow, so I knew to just keep working in the kitchen and snicker to myself.

It reminded me of an incident at our lake house. We bought a nice home, good bones. 
But it was a Grandma house. The older couple who built it never changed a thing. 
It was solidly stuck in 1979.
It was very dark and lots of flower wall paper.  Dark ceilings, dark walls, dark cabinets, and a daylight basement out to the water that was unfinished. Just cement walls. No one wants a house on a lake to be dark. You want it light, bright and beach like, at least we did.

I worked upstairs on sanding, priming and painting everything dark brown to white. (trim, kitchen cabinets, the new doors etc)
Rick made the daylight basement a game/tv room, bar area, bathroom, bedroom and laundry.

Everything downstairs was now dry walled and painted, he was working on crown molding.
While he was doing the crown molding I was upstairs painting the dark cabinets to white.
I hear the following - "Shit!"
A few minutes later - "Damn.It!"
I yelled down -"do you need some help?"   Rick yells back , "NO!"
A few minutes go by and I hear - 
I giggle. Then - 
"Mother fucker!"  Something was thrown, I think it was a piece of wood.

Now I am roaring with laughter because Rick doesn't talk like this and I have no idea what he is doing but it's funny from where I'm standing, high atop a ladder in the kitchen.
I have to look so I go down the stairs and say, "What is going on down here?"

He shows me how the corners are not meeting. 
I say, " you bought extra like we talked about didn't you?"
" Yes, but that last cut was the rest of my "extra."
"Gee Rick what the hell is wrong with your measurements?"
Now he is furious. Shit, why did I say that?

He shows me what he has been doing. Measures it, goes to the saw and put the right thing in and viola, comes out wrong.  Suddenly he sees something. Eureka! He begins to laugh. 
"What's so funny?"  

"OMG the saw is off by a degree!"

I didn't get it. 
So he shows me that the saw was set 1 degree off.  
So instead of a 45 degree angle he was cutting a 44 degree angle.... and that was causing the issue. But now he has no more molding, so off to the store he goes.

This  swearing was what our staircase was like, only not a miter saw problem, just a home that was built poorly problem. We live in a crooked house I swear.
These builders should lose their licenses. 
Rick also wasn't working on a different level yesterday, he was a few feet from me so I had to keep my snickering to my inside self if I wanted to live. Not easy.





On to the next thing...

Friday, January 16, 2015

All That Glitters

I saw this website being talked about on The Chew.
I found it a funny topic so I went to the site.

Read these - The FAQ's made me laugh so much so that I had to read them aloud to Rick.
The whole damn website is a hoot to me. Read it all when you get a chance. 
I love that they surely don't take themselves seriously.
Boy would it be fun to say these things on my site to my customers most days.

Read and enjoy!  

Could it be?

I'm ready for spring.

Today Rick is having our employee do all the work and he is working around our house.
He came inside and yelled upstairs to me that my hyacinths are poking through the dirt.
He knows that makes me get excited that spring is just around the corner.
Now is it really just around the corner?  Why hell no, but I need this hope right now.
I am freezing and after my frigid lunch time walk with my dog I am hanging on to these hyacinths as a shred of hope and 60 degrees.

Do you see 'em? Do ya, huh? There are 3 poking their heads out from the weeds.

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fridays Last Call

Friday just as I was closing up shop I got a call. 
I love knowing it's my last call for a couple of days.
The woman on the other end said, "Do you have anyone there who speaks Spanish"
I assumed it wasn't she who needed this because this woman spoke very good English, with an accent, but very good English.

I said, " No one here is fluent, we only know a few phrases I'm sorry. But we do understand more than we speak"

She said, "Well I will try to explain what I need."  
But before she started she had to yell at me first by sternly and clearly saying, "You know there are a lot of spanish speaking people in this country, you should try to learn spanish."

I said nothing.  I know what I wanted to say, but said nothing.

What would you have liked to say?

Tina and Amy

I'll admit I watch the Golden Globes for Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler and the clothes.
I began the show 40 minutes into it, so this way I didn't have to watch commercials by using my hopper.
Ah, technology that I love.

I thought Tina and Amy killed it.

Sad that this is their last year of doing this.
And how friggin' perfect is George Clooney?....ah insert swoon.

I heard all the scuttle butt about the Tina and Amy ripping on Cosby. Why?  Silly people.
No different then them ripping on a President who got head in the White House. 
Or any person behaving inappropriately. They were funny. 
He was bad, they made jokes at his expense. It happens. And speaking of which....

I was at the hairdresser getting my gray removed on Friday night.

I was sitting in the coloring room and a woman handed me a magazine with Cosby on it.
She handed it to me while asking, "So you think the allegations are true?"

I grabbed the magazine and said, "oh jeez you really want to go there here?"

She said, "Well I am not so sure that they aren't just  trying to set him up."

"Really?  Set up for what? They can't sue. 33 women not asking for fame, not making a movie, getting suing or getting any money, just coming forward in support for all of them in this awful club?"

She said, "yes it could happen"

" But I have to ask you, how many would have to come forward for you to believe your daughter when she tells you the same story?"

"Well ,that is different"  she said.

"How so?"

"Shit, I don't know."

"Well these are all someones daughters, sisters, mothers aren't they?"


Finally I say, "Gee aren't you glad you asked me?"
Everyone in the room laughed.

Yes, I still find it so odd that people think these women are all lying. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Full Moon

I knew it was a full moon before I even looked it up.
Yesterday my dog was acting all kinds of nuts.
So many crazy things and issues with her all day.
She gets all antsy where she is normally mellow.

The customers today and yesterday were in rare form as well.
Cranky as ever and combative. 
Who thinks to call and ask if something can be done and when told yes or no and the reason why, they would scream at you?  

After all those fun things yesterday I looked up the ole full moon schedule.
I figured if it wasn't a full moon I needed weapons.
But it was and it should be back to normal by Wednesday.

My dog actually woke up at 2am and brought us a ball.
Okay I'm up, I'll go pee.

I come back to the bedroom and she is waiting by my side of the bed, her tail is wagging like crazy.  She herds me to the door and down the steps we go.
I knew I'd have to go outside. I didn't wanna.(whine) 
It's too cold and there's snow. 

Nope, she just wants to sleep on the sofa.
I want to scream! I go upstairs to bed and leave her on the sofa.
She comes up to the bedroom and gets me.
What the shit is this?  I keep saying no but she won't leave. I yell at her to go to her bed.
I take her by the collar to her bed, she comes back after I get all comfortable again.
She now is just sitting by my face looking at me. I can feel her staring with my eyes closed.
I turn my back to her. I still feel her. I am not giving in, nope, no way, no how.

Ah, shit. I grab my pillow and go downstairs. 
She jumps onto her corner of the sofa and watches me.
I get comfy on the sofa and pull a blanket up around me. She sees me lay down and she puts her head down and sighs.  It was as though she wanted to sleep downstairs BUT not alone.

I'm thinking to myself, why the hell don't you bother your human father?  You love him more than me most days, gee thanks for showing me the love now at 2AM!

I lay there on my sofa listening to her instantly begin to snore. I am wide awake.
I turn on the TV and watch a very old episode of Roseanne. I turn off the TV and try to sleep.
Not gonna happen. I try to breath with her so I might fall asleep. Nope that trick didn't work.
I turn the TV back on. I watch Real Sports. Not thrilling TV but interesting. I begin to feel hungry. I'm thinking maybe I should just make coffee and call it a night. Nope.
I look at the clock....oh it's 5am, my normal wake up time. I turn off the TV and hope I can sleep for at least 30 minutes. Please, please Izzy stay asleep. Izzy wakes up, because it's 5AM- time to get up.  She comes over to me with her morning panting as if to say, "C'mon, we need a walk now, I gotta go"  So now I go a walking. I come home and see that Rick is up and making coffee. I tell him he owes me big time. He said, "do you think it was a full moon yesterday? she was really weird"  

So not only does a full moon affect emergency rooms, police issues, it affects my damn dog and I pay the price each and every time!

Do you know when it's a full moon without having read it or been told?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Blues

I was back to the grind this morning at 7:30a
Aargh! that is really all I can say. I love time off but coming back is difficult isn't it?
This morning I am having the weirdest thing....itching palms. From the moment I woke up. What is that about? My right hand is so itchy. 
 I don't normally have an itch in my palms.  And it won't stop.Weird right?

As I have mentioned, Rick has been doing yoga. Yea, it's funny to me too. 
But it really does help him just like the doctor told him it would. 
Can he bend like a pretzel like those skinny gals?  Hell no, but it has increased his mobility and issues with his hip and that is all that matters right? He goes on Sunday and Thursdays. 
Sunday he shows up in his funny little yoga pants that make me giggle and he and all the girls are hanging out in the hall because the instructor didn't show up and the doors were locked. They all sat on the floor waiting until Rick said he was leaving. They all then decided to leave with Rick.

Rick came into the house and said, "I didn't have a drink because of yoga and the woman didn't show up AGAIN"     Yes, she did this once before.
 So being the ever thoughtful and supportive wife I say, "You gave up drinking for the month of January Rick so you aren't supposed to have a drink anyway"

"I don't recall ever saying anything like that, ever, in my life."  He is laughing now as he grabs a bottle from the liquor cabinet.

"Do I need to record things  for you now old man to help you remember what you've said?"

"Not unless you want me to return that favor."

"May I make  you a drink then?"

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My work weekend

Rick finished the 3rd and 2nd floor on Saturday.
The rest we have to postpone until we get the correct "feet". 
They sent us the wrong 'feet' for a slant and honestly I think that made Rick happy.

I did the staining of the new posts and the staining of the old banister pieces. 
The balusters were Rick's job. They extend to whatever height you need them so it's not like any cutting has to be done. It's real slick and easy, even I could do it.

The trouble only arises when the original builder did everything wrong. Nothing in our house is plum.(level)   When we take things apart and find it held together with caulking we just shake our heads. That was one of the first things we noticed when shopping for homes when we moved here. They were built so poorly and cost so much.  From the most minor thing to a big thing, they are all done poorly as though a handyman did them, not a professional contractor.

I walked in from the garage after staining and I see this of Rick's feet.
It looked to me like he was hanging himself. It made me laugh.  Of course he was sitting on the 2nd floor but it was funny looking to me.

As we did when we were redoing the kitchen cabinets we started in a place not everyone would see immediately like our 2nd and 3rd floor. This way the mistakes will be figured out and if made and unable to correct, no one sees those but us.  But no mistakes, just found shortcuts and figured out a few tips to move this along faster.  

My husbands nail gun runs on a compressor. Boy that is loud. I gave my neighbors cookies to apologize BEFORE it began with the warning of what was coming. 
We live in town homes, one must be respectful of ones neighbors.
Both said not to worry about it but they would take the cookies anyway.  
Honestly I don't know if they would hear it. I don't hear anything from my neighbors unless outside and windows are open. But I wasn't taking any chances.
Thankfully he didn't need to use that compressor for long, long enough, but not the full day.
I'll show you before and afters when it is all completed. Only 1 floor done right now.

Hope you all had a more relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Horrific Photos and Not so Great Gifts

This holiday season brought me a gift from my step daughter that I found amusing. I must admit at first I was shocked, then I just laughed my ass off. Rick's daughter has been in my life since she was in 1st grade. But she is not a very warm person and she has always been difficult to get close to.  I have tried, but as time went on I saw that she is the same way to everyone in her life. The people that she loves she treats the same way. I realize that not everyone is going to feel like I do about my step mom. To me she is my mom and I love her and she annoys me as much as if she had given birth to me. 

Until 2 years ago I never even got gifts from his daughter for any event.  She would send her Dad his Christmas gifts and there was never anything for me. As I stated earlier at first I was hurt. I am the one who shops for just the right thing for her birthday and Christmas. I am the one who sends things for no reason because I know she'll like it or a care package when she's sick. I am the one who wraps all the Christmas gifts. Yet, she only thanks her father. He in turn would say to thank me but it fell on deaf ears so I asked him to stop it.  It seemed petty.

I had hoped that someday this would change as she grew up. I mean I had nothing to do with her mom and dad divorcing so that couldn't be it. I didn't meet Rick until 10 years later. I just plugged away and continued to be the same with her. I may never get any affection or respect in return and I had to make peace with it. It just was what it was.

Then after she met her new husband things changed. I got a Christmas gift that year AND a birthday gift. Nothing much but I was acknowledged and I was thrilled. Then they got married and whoa that ramped up the gift to Peg. It was actually something they knew I loved.  It had nothing to do with price here,  it was just damn thoughtful. I was thrilled! A thought was put behind the gift.
Then this year happened.  I got eye and face cream which proclaims to promote collagen, which as you know at my age is quickly leaving my body at break neck speed. 

When Rick was done opening his gifts he looked at me and said, "What did you get?"
I responded with, "Old lady cream" and burst out laughing. 

He said, "She didn't!"  

"Well, in her defense I'm old and could use these creams. And they aren't cheap creams. Perhaps I mentioned something to her that I don't recall."

"Like what the hell would you mention? Gee I need to feel like shit I think I need someone to send me wrinkle cream and make me feel bad about myself.  She forgot to get Spanx, she could have really made you feel badly. "

"Well I would be thrilled, Spanx are expensive." (spanx for your mean are like modern day girdle type wear)

"Well seriously perhaps I said something about getting old. Normally only to you and on my blog but who the hell knows.  I'm old, wrinkled and forgetful.  It is funny and since I'm old I'll forget all about this gift by my birthday."

Rick asked why I was laughing.  I said, "Because it's funny don'tcha think?  She finally thinks of me on Christmas and she just thinks old wrinkled croon.  It is funny Rick c'mon you have got to see that."

"Should I say something to her?"

"Oh for God's sakes, hell no!  She thought of me, isn't that what this is about? What if she had bought me a cropped top and a navel ring?  Now that would be friggin' funny too and just as off the mark as anything.  My point being she knows nothing about me after 34 years and doesn't care to, let it go.  Besides I think it's funny"

So after a good laugh I begged him to let it go but I did ask, "Please tell her for my 60th birthday not to get me a scooter.  Not ready just yet for that. Hearing aids, but no friggin' scooter"   He promised.

While Rick had this time off I had a honey do list that was a bit long.  
We began with the new staircase but quickly moved to something easier the next day. 
We have a boat load of photos between us . We attempted to get all these things in one organized place. But as happens with pictures you end up laughing at yourself and others and having a field day. Wait til next week when you see Little Ricky in a Nehru jacket.  He's still home this week so I couldn't get it on the blog. He said NO! to the Nehru online. In fact he took the picture so I wouldn't scan it. But c'mon you know I have to show you.  He'll be back to work next week and I'll sneak it on here.  So now you only get to see the horrors of Peg from way back when.

Here is one that would fall under this heading:
What The Hell Was She thinking and Why did her hairdresser do this to her?
Or Who Goosed This Guy? (late 70's early 80"s?)

I am in the woods in heels below. Who does that? 1970's Candies ladies. I remember we put the camera on a tree and set the timer. Couldn't we have found one closer?
 This is my younger sister. She hated wearing a bathing suit top. But wearing a bathing cap apparently didn't bother her. She would argue with my parents that Mark didn't wear a top in the pool why did she have to? (mark was the kid next door we played with) So finally my parents let her go in the our little pool (only) topless. This for some reason really cracks me up. A bathing cap to protect her hair but not a top.  Too funny. Now I can tell her she is topless online. 
 I remember this below because I got a ring I so loved for my birthday. 
I was a happy camper here. 
It was my birthday, 18 is my guess. At least I didn't have a perm!
These are my Herman Munster shoes from August 1974. (any of you old enough to know herman munster?) Good Catholic girl standing in front of the Virgin Mary statue. Yeah, I know that's funny....good Catholic girl. I'm now neither good nor Catholic.
 This one makes me laugh because of my band aid. Wonder what happened there? I didn't shave my legs yet, why did I need that big band aid on my leg?  It also makes me laugh that my parents always put us in front of this wall in the kitchen. 
This big blank wall. Great photography Dad.
Since the photo says 1964 I know that I was 8 years old. 
Don't you think that today's 8 year old looks so much more mature than back in 1964? 
Same stupid smile though.

And lastly 1973. Yep that is me sleeping with my clothes on and a coat in our tent. I was with 2 girlfriends camping. We'd get stoned and I would always fall asleep first. They harassed the shit out of me for that. They also would tell me how I slept through all this excitement and I normally thought they were lying. I never heard a thing. Well apparently after I feel asleep this particular night they put these suitcases on top of me and I never woke up. They never told me they did this either. When I got my film developed I saw the picture. (remember when we had to send our  rolls of film in to be developed?) If only I could sleep like that now!!

This below has nothing to do with photo's of anyone except that I think I want this wine dispenser in my kitchen. I mean how lazy can I get? No corkscrew, no pesky foil to remove. Just put my glass under there and it gives me my wine. Oh yes, I think I need this for 2015. 
It's only $5,000.  Oh wait,  I better just get off my ass and open my own bottles then.

Happy New Year!

It's 2015.
I like odd years. I do better in odd years. Perhaps because I am odd.

Christmas was quiet and perfect.
New Years was a bit different.

It is our anniversary on New Years Eve so we normally go to dinner at one of our favorite places and have a great bottle of wine and it's a quiet early evening.  No partying in the streets for us.

This year was different. We had massages in the morning. Perfect way to start a day if you ask me. We went to the town of Middleburg for lunch. Rick has a favorite chocolatier there and wanted to get some truffles.  I am not one to say no to chocolate, ever. 
Rick was having a helluva time parallel parking, which is never an issue for him, but this day it was. We got the car parked and we walked to the chocolate store and they were closed. 
That made me laugh. I mean after all Rick went through to park there and we were now just leaving.

We hopped back in the car and went a few more blocks to the Salamander Resort.
Rick had never been there so we did the tour and then bellied up to the bar and had some wine and then decided on some cheese, meat and olive platter that was yummy and called for a 2nd glass of wine.
Rick was ordering and I wasn't seeing the prices of anything but when the bill came he went to the bathroom. Oh how convenient mister. I looked at the bill and about died. $22 a glass of wine? 
We had 2 glasses a piece!  We could have bought the bottle for heavens sake or 2 bottles!! 
When he came back and sat down I shrieked, "Did you see the price of a glass of Cabernet?"
He said, "Yes, that is why I got that one, it was the cheapest."  HOLY SHIT.
So we had a few pieces of cheese and some prosciutto and 2 glasses of wine apiece and spent $113.00+  Crazy right?  Rick kept say, "Oh what the hell we don't do this often" 

We had a nice time there. Everyone was so friendly. 
We were talking in our quiet voices and I swear the woman next to us at the bar had the hearing of a canine. Rick mentioned that if we couldn't get back in time maybe Doggy Day Care could keep her. I said, "Oh sure they can but then they feed her with their food and you know what that means."  Rick laughs and says, "yep she'll have the shits"
Sure enough at this moment this well heeled woman turns her bar stool around with her champagne glass in her hand and says, "Who has the shits?" to us.  I about died!  
Of course my husband doesn't miss a beat or give a rats ass that he is talking to a tony stranger about our dog having the shits. 
First he said, "Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize I was being that loud. I hope we didn't upset you or your lunch." 
She said, "Oh no,( while touching him all over the place) I have great hearing and it made me laugh"
So then Rick proceeds to tell her that we were referring to our dog.  Now these 2 are in a discussion about pets. 
He can talk to anyone about any thing I swear.

When we got home I just didn't feel like going out.  So we took the dog for a walk and discussed our evening and what we wanted to do. Neither of us really wanted to go back out. 
Neither of us wanted to tell the other that we wanted to stay home. 
I suggested we look at it like we're doing something different. So we watched a movie and we had take out for dinner and opened another bottle of wine. This was a bottle of Jordan 1997 Cabernet that we have been saving. Ooh it's a good one. I highly recommend it. We bought a case of this wine while in Sonoma at the Jordan winery in 2000. Not sure we could even afford this wine today. But it was smooth and it was the perfect ending to our meal and a great day. So it ended up being a perfect day with a lot of laughter and that's never a bad thing.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas.

If you celebrate Christmas -

Merry Festivus for the rest of us.

See you after the holiday.